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Doctors advocate that adults drink 8 cups of water a day so we can estimate that children are expected to drink at least 4 cups of water a day. Water is life in the sense that everything we do revolves around water, cooking, drinking, bathing, washing e.t.c. Drinking water keeps the body re-hydrates and ensure proper function of internal organs. Getting children to drink water can be tricky so the following methods can be adopted to ensure they drink sufficient water.

1.Getting them to drink water immediately they finish playing, they will be dehydrated and it is a good time to introduce water.

2.In between meal, taking several sips of water in between meals can easily contribute to the 4 cups of water

3.using water coloring to jazz up the water color and taste can make water drinking appealing without increasing the calories

4.Offering them cool water can also be an option as it can help them feel refreshed.

5.Drinking water yourself will serve as a good example for the children and this will encourage them to imbibe water drinking habits.

Water is life and we must strive to imbibe this good habit in our children.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi

image from BooksbyEMO

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