There is nothing like sleeping next to another person, studies have revealed that co-sleeping results to the best sleep. Most children desire to sleep next to mummy`s soft and warm body and often they will fight their siblings just to be the one to sleep next to Mummy. Others want to touch and sniff Mummy`s armpit or play with mummy`s soft tummy; whatever it is, getting children to sleep alone or on their beds may sometimes be daunting. While it took me a while to get my kids to sleep in their room and on their bed, I was able to achieve success by adopting the following strategies

1.Redocorate their room with them dictating what the room must look like.

2.Read them bed time stories on their beds

3.Spend some time with them till they fall asleep

4. Check in on them during the night and tell them when they wake up that you came to see them while they were asleep.

5.Invest in a baby monitor, that way you can monitor what happens in their room while they sleep, and they can call you if they need you.

Getting them to sleep by themselves will not happen overnight, you will feel like giving up but don`t .Sometimes let them sleep next to you and eventually they will learn to sleep alone on their beds.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi

image from BooksbyEMO

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