With the advent of house helps and the need to get house chores done quickly, we tend to lose our cool when our children are slow at getting their chores done. We either jump in and take over or we ask the help to get it done. However, it is important that our children learn housekeeping skills such as cleaning, washing, dusting and setting up this house. With my children, I have adopted the following method to teach them house chores.

1.Allocating age appropriate chores. Google has a comprehensive list of age appropriate chores for kids.

2. Consistently reminding them to perform their chores

3.Patiently supervising them and encouraging them to get it done.

4.Don`t redo the chores, even if is not properly done, it helps to build their confidence when you allow them to perform it to their ability.

5.Make them watch while you perform your job, this helps them learn on the job.

While we spend time correcting our helps and invest our time in getting them to perform their duties, it is our responsibility to put in extra effort, time and patience in our own children and ensure that they are independent and better house keepers.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi

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