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How the kids love love to stay up late into the nights, they are prepared to watch cartoon till morning or till they fall asleep, whenever that is. I remember that as I child, I was always elated when I could stay up late and a few occasions, I will creep out of my room to watch TV. Getting the kids to go to bed early may be difficult. Sometimes, they are in the room but find it difficult to settle down and sleep.

On getting them to sleep, I have devised the following ways.

1.No sleeping at least 4 hours before bed time and bed time was set at 8pm.

2.A warm shower before bed time

3.Bed time stories and singing songs. (Mummy or Daddy`s voice is usually soothing)

4.A dimly lit room can also help to settle them down

5.I pretend to sleep and this sometimes works.

While some days are good days and the above will work, some days are just extra-ordinary and nothing seems to work, on such days I put on my cloak of patience and wait with them in the room till sleep comes and it will come. Engaging in evening out-door plays can also help in tiring them out and this will get them to turn in early.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi

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