A Discussion with Readland- Developing A Child’s Creative Mind

Today at 11am, we were live on WFM91.7 were we met Mrs Temi Adeshina who is also an Author.During the hour long program,two of our books titled I Am Not A Bully and Keeping Promises were read.

The topic of discussion¬† was Developing A Child’s Creative Mind. We highlighted that in today’s world it is important that parents pay attention to their kids and help them discover their talents or passion.Some children will exhibit their interest and one must be sensitive and help them improve on it, other may not exhibit any interest or talents, parents must expose such kids to different activities sin order to discover where their interest lies.

By and larger, there is no Parenting manual and Parents are advised to study each child and implement parenting that best suites the child while ensuring that they encourage their kids to be creative.

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