I was shocked when I woke up one morning and I realized that my three kids require 3 different types of milk, at least that was according to commercial adverts. There is of course infant milk for children below 12 months, my son was 9 months, Milk 1-2-3 for toddlers, my second daughter was 2 years and my first child were going on six, so she was to take Milk 4-5-6. Oh dear, and we should not forget Mum and Dad who may want to take cereals some mornings.

So the question, I am to buy 4 different types of milk for one house hold, if the commercials are saying the milk is best for the age, won`t I be taking chances by not buying age appropriate milk and finally can we as a family afford to incur the cost of this special milk, eventually, I decide to

1.Buy infant milk for the little one and keep him on age appropriate milk till he is 3

2.Buy Milk 1-2-3 for the 2-year-old and continue till she turned 3.

3.Buy Milk 4-5-6 for the big girl going on 6 and subsequently move her to adult milk.

4.Cut down the adult milk purchased to accommodate the kids assorted milk

5.Remember to live within our means.

It is pertinent to remember that commercial adverts though correct are often to motivate you to buy their products and above all as children we drank adult milk after turning 1 year, so a little adult milk will kill no one. Of course, if you can financially afford to buy 4 types of milk, please do but if funds are a little tight please live within your means and don`t go losing sleep over assorted milk.

Opinion piece by Ejemai Olayemi

image from shutterstock.com

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